Defined by Compromises

Let’s get back at posting (hopefully) regularly here.

I’d figure this daringfireball’s post from last week concerning Microsoft it’s a nice starting point.

Microsoft’s Steven Sinofsky blogged on Windows 8 UI design philosophy, and Gruber insightfully bolded out a recurring “No compromise” theme in it - then noting how this was markedly different from Apple’s direction of embracing compromises to enforce a streamlined simplicity in design.

The point is clearly that Apple compromises on features for the sake of user experience, while Microsoft is willing to compromise on functionality for the sake of functions.

Which is interesting because is more or less what have always characterized Microsoft - a defining trait, which has lead to execution in products of various quality (some hogwash, some other actually very good).

Microsoft itself in its dialogue gives us the elements to build a narrative about that.

Just two days before the post Gruber linked, Sinofsky posted a interesting essay on the design process behind the improvements in Windows Explorer, which he illustrate this way:

Explorer in "Windows 8"